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Revive Us WEB is the Tent Making Ministry of Reverend Murray Alan Kumm. Rev Murray is a Registered Revivalist/Evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene Canada. I have been gifted by God with an ability to produce Contemporary Websites and I have been actively increasing my Web Skills. My Vision for Revive Us Ministries is explained fully on my Website:

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My Vision is to see that every Church and Ministry around Canada has an opportunity to have an Online Presence. This service will not be embraced by every church and I am not expecting everyone to take advantage of this offer. But for those that have a need, I will realize this Vision by providing High Quality, Contemporary Websites to every church or ministry at a very cost effective price.

I have a heart to see the Kingdom of God come to the Nation of Canada. Because of this I have a huge desire for all Churches and Ministries to take advantage of on Online Website to spread the Good News about what they are doing for God. A website is a information stream that many churches fail to utilize because of lack of funds and ability. I have become aware of churches that have been quoted thousands of dollars for sites that i would build for a fraction of that price. Please read the rest of the information on this page and pray about what I might be able to do for you.

I have a strong theology that God is my provider. Because of this strong belief, I pray about each and every potential project and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This has led me in the past to build many websites for churches and ministries at a very affordable price. I am not looking to get rich building websites, I am looking to fund my ministry through the skills that God has gifted me with.

Revive Us Plus Our Promise spacer

My promise to you is that I will build your site with the same level of Professionalism and Integrity as any Website I build. This level of Professionalism and Integrity is there regardless of the price that is paid for the development. Every site that I build is built as unto the Lord and I will invest every ounce of my skills in the development of your site.

There are very many technologies to enhance your site and many of these technologies are free for the asking. Many come as an add-on service that are available with the Revive Us Web Hosting Service. This includes Online Calendars, Blogs, and the potential of having a Video Delivery System that is 100% Free using MOODLE technology. Some other technologies that are available have a small fee attached that is a fraction of the cost because of the non-profit nature of Chuches and Ministries.

Revive Us WEB also has the ability to drop down the costs of Hosting if that is outside your price range. The opportunity to Host multiple domains under my site allows me to host your site using your Unique Domain Name for $29.95 + HST/year. If this is beyond your ability at first, I can host your site for no cost as a subdomain of Revive Us Ministries. This would mean your address would become Revive Us WEB is actually a subdomain of Revive Us Ministries and is located at This service is only available as long as Revive Us WEB is the provider of your web service. I am unable to give access to my web server to anyone else because of security issues.

Please visit the 'Contact Us' page of our site to request more information.

Revive Us Extra spacer Realizing the Vision spacer

How can I realize this vision?

I will realize this vision by following the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you would like to discuss a potential Website for your church or ministry, I ask that you use the Contact Us page and select 'Church/Ministry' from the drop down selection list. I would love to hear from you and would be willing to discuss building a site for your church or ministry that works within your budget.

I am currently building a site for other Churches and Ministries for a price that fit into their budget. A price that was far below what it would have cost to have a site built by anyone else who professionally builds site in this industry. So the offer is there, please contact me for more information on what I can offer you.

Be Blessed :o)
Rev Murray Alan Kumm

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